Reflexology stems from an ancient form of therapy believed to have been practised in China some 5,000 years ago. It’s a gentle and effective healing technique applied to the feet & occasionally head and hands to induce a state of balance in both body & mind.

Reflexology is a powerful but gently applied complementary therapy aimed at restoring health, energy and balance to your whole body and mind, returning it to an efficient state of ‘homeostasis’ (balance). It is deeply relaxing and re-energising and follows the premise that the body, mind and soul are inextricably linked and work as one system.  Reflexology theory describes points on the feet, lower legs, hands, face and ears which correspond with different areas of the body. By applying gentle pressure, massaging and manipulating these reflex points we promote healing in the connected area by releasing any blockages and restoring the free and healthy flow of energy, blood, nervous and lymph circulation to the whole body.

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75 minutes / £79 (Initial Consultation)
60 minutes / £67
45 minutes / £49
30 minutes / £35

Frequently Asked Questions

During your initial treatment a brief medical history will be taken and your reflexologist will discuss with you any concerns or symptoms you may have and your expectations of treatment. You will then be asked to remove socks & footwear and lie back on a comfortable massage couch. Treatment is gentle and you will have the opportunity to relax and sleep. During treatment you may experience tingling around the body. This is normal.
No, Reflexology is a pain-free way of promoting relaxation and encouraging optimum health. However, there can be some sensitivity which may indicate an area of imbalance.
Please wear your most comfortable and loose clothing so that you feel relaxed. You will not be asked to remove your clothing. Only your feet and hands are needed for this treatment.
Reflexology is a treatment that is usually totally safe for most people although adjustments will be made for babies, children, the elderly and palliative patients. With these treatments a lighter pressure will be used and the appointment length is usually shorter.
After treatment you will feel relaxed and possibly a little sleepy. Very occasionally you may have a light headache, depending on the body’s healing response but being adequately hydrated should alleviate this.
Directions to The Boxgrove and a map can be found here. Parking is available to all of our patients. We kindly ask all those coming for a scheduled class to park in the Boxgrove Village Hall car park.


Isabel Tuppen BSc Hons, ITEC, AOR

Isabel Tuppen, is passionate about caring for people – helping clients to heal their bodies and minds through Reflexology. From the very old to the very young, she loves all feet!

Isabel’s journey into human form and function started in 2001 at University College London, where she graduated with a BSc Hons in Human Science.  Her specialisms included anatomy, physiology, psychology and the history of medicine. She trained in reflexology at the Wilbury School of Massage and Reflexology in 2015 and is certified by ITEC, and registered and regulated by the Association of Reflexologists (AOR). She is also currently studying Shiatsu at the European School of Shaitsu, where she recently qualified as a Holistic Acupressure Therapist. Areas of special interest include treating anxiety, low mood, menopause and other female hormonal complaints, digestive issues, plantar conditions and the treatment of young people, babies and the elderly.

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