Initial Consultation £175. Metabolic Balance £850

Nutritional therapy will be carried out in a scientific manner through DNA testing and analysis. Each patient will be looked at as a whole to work through diet and exercise that is most suited to their genetic make up.

Dominique Ludwig

Nutritionist MSc Diploma Nutritional Therapy mBANT CNHC.

Dominique has a passion for healthy eating and nutrition that spans over 25 years and believes that good nutrition lies at the heart of good health. She does not believe in fads or diet foods, instead in using real food. Her intention is to show you the links between your symptoms and the foods you eat.

Dominique offers Nutritional Therapy Consultations which are bespoke to the individual. She is a coach for the well-renowned Metabolic Balance® Health and Weight management Programme and offers genetic testing for overall health, weight management and optimum sports nutrition.

Consultations Offered:

Initial Nutritional Therapy Consultation – 90 minutes £175

During your consultation you will be asked about your goals, health concerns, medical history, symptoms, food habits, lifestyle and any medications you are taking. You will be given a personal nutrition programme specific to your particular needs. You will also receive handouts, a report and recipes to help you with your programme. If appropriate, you may be offered a supplement programme to support the efficacy if the programme.

Follow-Up Appointments – 45 minutes £87.50

This is a chance to assess your progress, make amendments to your diet or supplement programme and help you move you onto the next stage of your programme. It is usual to have 1-2 follow up appointments.

Metabolic Balance Nutrition Programme – 12 weeks ( 7 appointments) £850

Metabolic Balance ® is a unique nutrition and lifestyle programme that encourages successful and long term weight loss, effortless weight management as well as an alongside an abundance of other health benefits. The structured part of the programme lasts around 3 months, however the positive life and dietary changes are designed to be followed for life. Metabolic Balance® can be extremely helpful for anyone who wants to optimise their health, but is especially beneficial for any of the following conditions: Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, digestive or skin problems, allergies, joint pain, migraines and many other health conditions.

Supplement Review – 30 minutes £50

This is an opportunity to look at your existing or new supplements. This appointment will ensure that you are only taking the supplements you really need, in the correct dose and in the right formulation. Your nutritional supplements will be checked for contraindications with current medications and you will receive a new supplement programme tailored to your individual requirements. It is not possible to go into dietary advice or complex health issues at this appointment. For comprehensive advice please book a full 90 minute appointment.

DNA Analysis – 90 minutes £450

This is an overall health check which takes a closer look 9 main areas of our overall health and metabolism. This particular test looks at the following areas: Cardiovascular health, Vitamin B metabolism (Methylation), Detoxification, Inflammation, Oxidative stress, Insulin sensitivity, Bone health, Food responsiveness (caffeine, lactose, salt sensitivity) and Iron metabolism. You will receive a full report with diet and health advice based on your genetic make-up

DNA Diet Professional – 90 minutes £360

By helping you understand your unique genetic profile, DNAFit Diet provides unparalleled insight and knowledge to help you make the correct nutrition and diet choices. This test offers the following information: Optimal diet (Mediterranean, low-fat, low carbohydrate etc.), Carbohydrate and saturated fat sensitivity, Personal vitamin and micronutrient requirements, Salt, caffeine, gluten and alcohol sensitivity and Lactose intolerance.

DNA Diet and Fitness PRO – 90 minutes £490

Fitness premium has all the benefits of the Diet professional test but adds in your own personal sports genetics. It is designed for anyone wanting to take their sport to the next level. A closer look at injury risk and recovery speed can offer vital information about how to train smarter with less chance of injury. This test also looks at: Power vs endurance, Aerobic potential – VO2 Max, Recovery speed and personalised post-exercise nutrition programme and Injury and inflammation risk. You will receive a full report with diet advice.

Food Intolerance Testing – £275

This test is normally done as an add-on to your consultation as careful planning is required to balance the diet. Price excludes consultation and the cost of any supplements. Your blood will be tested against 150 common foods and sent for analysis to Lorisian Laboratories. This test looks at IgG Antibodies which are made by the body in response to some foods.
Dominique also offers a wide range of functional laboratory tests such as stool testing, stress tests, DUTCH hormone testing, thyroid panels and auto-immune Cyrex testing.

For more information about how Dominique works, please visit her website: