“The Boxgrove is a fantastic healthcare and fitness centre, beautifully designed and so welcoming.

The team are all really passionate about their work and obviously take a huge amount of pleasure in working with a group of like-minded people who are really experienced in their different fields. They seem to take a real pride in their work, always keen to further their knowledge and share it with one another.

The fitness classes are many and varied. Never boring, always fun, and it’s great to know if you have a niggling injury that you can do the classes safely and effectively with the on-hand advice of your physio.”


“I am always greeted by a friendly and welcoming ambience from all the staff that I meet.

I have received really professional, kind and thoughtful physio advice and treatment for my MS from both Trish and Emma. I mainly see Trish who tailors my treatment imaginatively and thoughtfully, and have also had very helpful sessions with Emma. They both seem to fully understand my physical problems, and I find their support invaluable. They have both contributed to strengthening my core muscles and legs with the use of the pilates reformers, which are a wonderful invention.

Additionally I see Dominque the nutritionist, and she has given me much advice and thought to my Multiple Sclerosis problem. Her detailed knowledge of auto immune disease has been most helpful and revealing. 

I am really impressed by the commitment shown by everyone, and always look forward to coming each week.

Very many thanks to everyone for all the kind help that is always on offer.”


“I have been going to The Boxgrove clinic for the past 3 months. 

For me the centre offers some unique classes and treatments which are tailored to an individual’s needs. 

On a personal experience, I have benefitted from a few sessions of soft tissue massage by therapist Liney. 

I have found the pure stretch classes, body blast and reformer sessions very beneficial.

The classes are led by highly professional and experienced trainers. 

The centre is clean and very welcoming.”


“The treatment which I have received at the Boxgrove has been of a uniformly high standard. The rural location of the practice, in a large converted granary a few minutes walk from Boxgrove Priory, means that there is plenty of well-lit internal space, allowing for a large and very pleasant reception area, good-sized treatment rooms, a well-equipped gym, and a full-sized exercise hall. It feels like being in a Spa! The practice is well-run, and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed.  Trish and her partners have assembled an excellent team of practitioners whose range of skills means that a wide variety of treatments are available within the practice.   I am very pleased to have found it!”


“I can’t recommend The Boxgrove highly enough.  I have received amazing care from all of the Therapists and staff at the Clinic.

It starts with a friendly and warm welcome, in a well styled and calm environment.  The high quality experience continues when you go to the treatment rooms, there’s none of these cramped little box rooms to squeeze into!  The therapists I have seen have all invested themselves into my treatment and recovery, all becoming friends and helping me to achieve my varied goals with return to activities or fighting off ailments caused from my day to day.

I regularly refer people to go and see Liney or Jane and I think that speaks for itself.”


“Seven years ago my son (then aged 23) fell from a height sustaining a traumatic brain injury.  After a six-week coma, he woke up to find he couldn’t walk, talk or even just sit up.  Far from being daunted by such a life-altering injury, he was determined to get his life back on track and has worked tirelessly ever since  with hours of neuro-physio, musculoskeletal-physio and fitness training.  He has done amazingly well, but there were a few things things that just weren’t progressing such as a weak left shoulder and arm, tight hip, tight hamstrings and a stiff jaw.  

A physiotherapist in France suggested finding someone who could do Fascial Manipulation.  Luckily for us, we knew exactly where to find one – Jane at the Boxgrove Clinic.  Matt has had three sessions with her.  On each occasion she has tackled a different line of transition (there are three of them).  I can only describe the treatment as miraculous.  After each session something that didn’t work before has started working.  For example, before the first treatment when Matt did stretching exercises at the gym involving hanging from a bar, he could grip for no more than 4 seconds before slipping off. The day after the first treatment he could hold on for 61 seconds. His jaw now functions normally, his hip is sorted and he can now raise his legs up to a far greater degree than before.  His posture (which was awful) is very much better and a protruding shoulder blade is now back in place where it should be.

It is truly amazing and we are so lucky to have discovered Jane and her skills.”


“About 7 years ago I developed lymphodema in my left arm and hand following a left mastectomy and lymph node removal the previous year. All I was offered was bandaging at the time which was impractical with 3 children so I opted to go to a LD specialist. Although this definitely helped it not get any worse, my hand and upper arm didn’t get any better either. I went to see Jane Haydon and by using a new technique after one treatment the swelling in my hand had reduced dramatically and this was commented on by people who had seen it previously. After a couple more treatments I was able to wear a ring on that hand which I wore for a whole evening which I hadn’t been able to do for the last 7 years. I would definitely recommend sufferers of lymphoma to see Jane!”


“Following complicated surgery the treatments I received from both Liney McDonald and Jane Haydon were transformational in my recovery process.  They were both very professional and supportive and and I would highly recommend them.


“I first came across the team at The Boxgrove after 3 months of failed attempts to sort out a chronic knee and back issue which had crippled me and left me unable to walk, sleep  or exercise. I had been through a succession of physios and osteopaths with  no benefit. Within two weeks I was ‘cured’. It is now 7 months and after ongoing physio, not only am I pain free, but I am active. Walking 12 miles, cycling more and about to go windsurfing again. They are magicians and I credit them literally with putting my life back together. I have recommended them to many friends who all feel the same. Plus they are some of the nicest people you could meet in a beautiful setting and facility. Go meet them- you would be mad not to.


“Some 18 months . I had a lovely chat with my close friend Venetia about physio help.

She is part of the Boxgrove team, a holistic yoga teacher. She is also a close personal friend who I respect, for her knowledge on yoga and the human body is immense.

I decide then to go along to meet the Boxgrove team and vet things out.

First impressions count so much.

Well what a lovely place to drive into, both in venue and the people in it, atmosphere was calm and peaceful.

A warm welcome awaited me with lots of help and advice from the Team Boxgrove . Everyone helped with advice on were to head with my treatment, who I should see and why. What I needed now and then along into the future .

I cannot quite remember in which order all things happened but Liny addressed the immediate issues but then after meeting Jane in the Barre class that Trisha does. Jane addressed my internal issues with unblocking my fascia. No more head aches- not happened for years. This did take some sessions but we /I needed to get in deep to where was required. Old problems need to be removed before moving on. The Boxgrove Matra.

During those early days I began to understand TEAM BOXGROVES approach about all working together to get you better, free movement and living with no pain.

I then had treatment with Bill, Trisha, Sophie -just amazing reflexology which treats you from inside out. Paul has a wonderful combination of treatments that work together to get amazing results

I did a 12 week course where classes, personal treatment, advice on anything, coffee and a smoothie was all included to get as going down a path to better fitness and attitude. Aw hole new way of life.

During this period I had bad menopause issues, all of the mentioned, helped me address ME, how I felt, and then to move on, to feel great-

Infact incredible!

Having been treated, down to the classes that complement the work put in by the physio’s . The mix off the classes is fantastic. Pilates based, strength TRX, got to be done much better than gym and weights. Try a barre class, your posture will love it. Clair’s Pure stretch just gets into the body in no other way. Yoga then balances all things out giving you the energy to go on

Now I am trying to stay well to enjoy my golf , staying in shape and strong to be able to play without injury.

Certainly the Boxgrove mantra about treatment then future support with treatment and classes all works.

I wish I could talk about each member but just simply they all complement each other so well. Always with a smile and move than happy to help attitude.

Now I feel in control of my body, able to enjoy an active life. Yes odd visits occur with a Boxgrove Team member to keep me going down the right path.”

“I’ve been attending the clinic on a regular basis.

I do yoga on Wednesdays with Venetia, I see Liney, Dominique and Kerry when needed and I find the treatments highly professional and delivered in a relaxing friendly comforting environment. A wonderful place with wonderful people

Many thanks.”


“I have been visiting the Boxgrove for over 2 years now, ever since its opening. I have Motor Neurone Disease and Liney McDonald has been a true revelation for me. I am a focused evidence based scientific person who at the same time does not want to take any drugs unnecessarily, especially pain relief and/or other powerful muscle relaxants.

The Boxgrove team is very wide ranging in skills, from nutrition to Physiotherapy. With an incurable Disease like MND, which is progressive, it is vital to keep what you have working as best as possible. 

Weekly deep tissue massage from Liney and fascia manipulation (Jane Haydon) feels like it has kept me on as slow a disease progression as possible. Their willingness to try treatments on me has been much appreciated and I can wholeheartedly recommend the Boxgrove to anyone.

A great team who work together from reception to practitioners

A personal thanks from me to Liney, Jane, Trish, Paul, Sophie, Clare, Roxy and the whole team.”


“A friend recommended Jane Haydon because I was complaining of ongoing neck and back pain.

I had recently had all of my teeth moved forward by an orthopaedic orthodontist to correct a severe overbite which caused a build up of tension in my back and neck causing severe pain from my teens.  This treatment required regular cranial treatment to deal with the changes in the bones in the head.  A few months after having had the braces taken off my cranial osteopath discharged me saying that she had corrected all of the structural problems in my back. I said that I still had some pain but she said there was nothing more she could do.

Seeing Jane was a revelation because she discovered that it was problems with stuck fascia causing my pain.  The pains were stubborn and crossed over onto different lines so I needed several treatments.  Each treatment provided relief so I knew that I was having the correct treatment. 

I am very happy with the treatment I have had with Jane.”


“I have worked in an office of one kind or another for over 30 years, the last 21 being at Goodwood.  Having suffered with general aches and pains in both my shoulders and back for many years, due to sitting at a desk for long periods of time, I was absolutely delighted when The Boxgrove opened, and have been a client from the beginning; finally I had somewhere close by to go and get treated. 

I love the laid-back atmosphere and the warm environment of the place and all of the team I have come into contact with, have been friendly and helpful.   Liney and Sophie, in particular, are brilliant and passionate about what they do; I love the fact that they are so straight forward and put you at your ease right away – they know what they are doing and offer great advice, when needed.”



What do you want from such a clinic?

  1 Cheerfulness in meeting visitors.

  2 Welcoming and kindliness.

  3 Pleasurable efficiency and expertise.

  4 Happy disposition of all the various staff.

WELL………………. This is what you get in abundance at the BOXGROVE (incidentally, tea , coffee, smoothies and the occasional nutritious nibbles).

So, follow our example and visit to mend the body, relax the mind and have an enjoyable time.


“I have been using The Boxgrove Clinic ever since it opened. I have a very physical job and see both Jane and Liney frequently for physio or sports massage sessions depending on my needs. 

Both these ladies are very knowledgeable in their chosen fields and I find the continuity of care invaluable, they know just what to do to get me moving again.

The clinic is beautifully presented, both Claire and Roxy on reception are always helpful and friendly.

However, the most important thing is knowing that if my back seizes up which can lead to me not being able to work, I can count on Liney moving heaven and earth to fit me in. She is always so flexible and understanding and knowing that she is there makes my life a whole lot better.

I recommend this clinic to everyone I meet with musculoskeletal problems, they are my safety net. Thank you.”