Serena Cooper



  • Masters Physiotherapy


“ I believe that establishing a good therapeutic relationship starts with a comprehensive assessment. I do this by using my skills in advanced clinical practice to get a thorough understanding of the problem and then use high quality, evidence-based treatments to take that person forward on their rehab journey.”

Serena graduated from Southampton University with a Masters in Physiotherapy in 2011. She has been working and training within the Sussex NHS trust. Her most recent development role as an Advanced Practitioner in the Musculoskeletal Assessment and Triage Clinic, has involved working with complex lower quadrant cases. Serena has worked closely with consultant specialists in Orthopaedics, and Radiology, developing a good working relationship. As well as her advanced examination skills, Serena is an excellent, hands on therapeutic Physiotherapist, who will ensure you get the best treatment.

When not at work Serena can be found running and cycling on the South Downs with her young family.