• MSc Physiotherapy
  • HCPC


Kiran is a senior Chartered Physiotherapist with extensive clinical, academic and managerial experience spanning 20 years and across the specialities and healthcare sectors.

Having graduated and worked in India initially, he relocated to the UK for pursuing MSc in Neurorehabilitation from Brunel University, Middlesex and at the same time started to work in the NHS in Mid Glamorgan, Wales. Thereafter, he moved to the Clinical and Team Lead role in Older Persons’ Rehabilitation at St Richard’s Hospital, Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Throughout his career, he has been a passionate advocate of older persons’ healthcare services covering long term neurological conditions, traumatic and degenerative fractures, and acute illnesses needing hospitalisation amongst other emergent areas. Despite moving into the private sector currently to pursue his interest in Orthopaedics, he is privileged to be able to continue his work with older people and their families with an aim to bring about a holistic change both to physical and emotional well-being.

He is an experienced clinician and a specialist in assessing and treating various conditions in Older People including:

  • Parkinson’s disease and allied movement disorders
  • Previous Stroke worsened by an ongoing illness as well as ongoing neurological conditions
  • Post-fracture rehabilitation, eg. upper and lower limb fractures; spinal fractures
  • Falls prevention through balance and gait rehabilitation, and environmental assessment
  • Dementia and its impact on movement, activities of daily living, mental and emotional health
  • Peripheral nerve injuries resulting in muscle weakness
  • Long-term musculo-skeletal conditions like Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • Individuals with cognitive and sensory impairements affecting their daily life
  • Promoting principles of Healthy Ageing and age-related physiological changes, pro-actively addressing psychological aspects and issues like anxiety, low in confidence and motivation etc.