Jane Haydon


Physiotherapist & Fascial Manipulation

  • MSc Physiotherapy
  • Certified Fascial Manipuation Specialist


Jane is a qualified physiotherapist with over 25 years clinical experience in treating musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

She has a special interest in soft tissues and is now one of only thee fully certified Fascial Manipulation specialists, Stecco Method, in the UK qualified to treat not just pain and dysfunction but also internal dysfunctions such as IBS, reflux and urinary stress incontinence.

It is particularly effective in treating those hard to treat conditions like chronic pain and fibromyalgia pain symptoms. It can explain how multi pain sites and ‘random’ pains can be potentially linked to old internal or musculoskeletal injuries. Treatment to release the fascial tissue along lines of tension helps restore muscle balance and clears pain.



“I really had given up all hope and thought a steroid injection was my only answer but Jane has saved me from that and in working on my fascia has started to unlock all sorts of other areas of my body.”

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