Are you looking for a local Pilates class in Chichester? Look no further. Pilates is a form of conditioning exercise designed to build strength, improve control and flexibility and encourage mental focus and well-being. Pilates was devised in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates with the aim of restoring normal movement, alignment and balance. By using slow, precise, accurate and flowing movements, Pilates lengthens and strengthens your muscles, leading to a feeling of mobility and flexibility.

At The Boxgrove, Pilates can be performed on either a mat or in our beautiful studio on Reformer machines which use springs for varying resistance. Both styles provide a full body workout leaving you feeling energised.

At our Chichester Pilates clinic we have a light and airy studio, fully equipped with high-end Reformers, a trapeze, wunda-chairs and barrels, meaning that you can experience the full range of Pilates exercises available.

Pilates Classes

At The Boxgrove we run many different types of Pilates classes. Pilates can be taught at all levels from complete beginner to advanced and we can help you choose which class will be best suited to your needs. Pilates is ideal for people new to exercise, right through to elite athletes and ballet dancers. We purposefully run small classes so that both your technique & level can be monitored by our experienced instructors.

Physiotherapy & Pilates

In the 90s, when Physiotherapists were experts in the techniques of rehabilitation, research was done which indicated the importance of core muscles in the treatment and prevention of particularly back problems. At the same time Physiotherapists were discovering Pilates and the overlap of this style of exercise and traditional rehabilitation saw the emergence of Clinical Pilates.

Clinical Pilates is conducted by a fully qualified Physio who will diagnose your problem or dysfunction and tailor the Pilates programme specific to your injury and stage of recovery. At The Boxgrove, Pilates is commonly used for post-operative rehabilitation for knee replacements, hip replacements and back surgery. We offer a pre-surgery strengthening programme and give you exercises immediately after surgery, through to end stage recovery and if required, return to sport. Our Physiotherapists also work with neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis & Parkinson’s and those with balance problems or returning to exercise after childbirth.

Pilates for Body Conditioning

We don’t just treat pain, injuries and disorders at The Boxgrove. Ultimately our aim is to keep you injury free, fit and healthy. Whether you’ve finished treatment for an injury and want to continue Pilates or are keen to visit regularly to increase your fitness, flexibility and strength, our specialist instructors can inspire you in weekly classes, small tailored groups or individually, on either mat or apparatus.

Once you have grasped the basic techniques and instructions with one of our instructors you may wish to join one of our circuit classes. This class involves you and a few other people in the studio, working on different pieces of equipment, at timed intervals. These classes are very tailored and run by experienced instructors. We recommend a few individual sessions with an instructor to familiarise yourself with the equipment in the studio.

Pilates Circuit Class

To book classes or individual sessions, or if you have any queries please call reception on 01243 696 630 or email reception@theboxgrove.com. We have an extensive range of Pilates classes at our Chichester clinic, and look forward to welcoming you.

£12.50 per person per class

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally you should wear loose and comfortable clothing to the class. Leggings, tracksuit bottoms, shorts, t-shirts and sports footwear are recommended.
Pilates is suitable for nearly everybody, whether you are rehabilitating from surgery, coming with an injury, keen to improve your balance or enthusiastic to get fit and condition your body. Pilates will improve your posture, core strength & muscle control, increase flexibility and improve your mental focus.
Group classes are usually one hour long.
Working with Pilates Reformers can enhance your experience of Pilates. If recovering from surgery or an injury, exercising on a Reformer can gently introduce safe exercises with limited resistance but still performing functional movement patterns. Because you can lie down on the equipment it can also be useful for those with poor balance. As you get stronger the resistance can be increased and positioning can change to challenge your balance further. There are so many exercises to perform on the equipment that every workout can be quite different and fun.
Yes. All of our Pilates Instructors are fully qualified and experienced. Some are qualified in mat work, apparatus or both and some are also qualified Physiotherapists, thus offering you exercise and treatment to suit your level of requirements in either mat work, apparatus or both. With the added benefit that some of our Pilates Instructors are also Physiotherapists you’ll be in the right hands. There are many levels of accreditation and different qualifications so it’s important to us that our Instructors are trained to the highest level and have many years of experience. Our principal Pilates Instructor qualified to the highest level at Dance Medicine Australia which was the first course to merge Physiotherapy and Pilates. She continues to train and update all of our instructors in-house thus maintaining the highest of standards.

Although you may not know much about Pilates you might be surprised to learn that it has been around for about 100 years. For more information on its fascinating history, the story of Joseph Pilates and the origins of this form of exercise click here.

Directions to The Boxgrove and a map can be found here. Parking is available to all of our patients. We kindly ask all those coming for a scheduled class to park in the Boxgrove Village Hall car park.


Claire Rees

Claire is a qualified level 4 Pilates instructor and founder of FitFig Pilates.

‘What I love about Pilates is being able to work with such a wide spectrum of people. Whatever your age, sporting ability and/or goals in life Pilates will enable you to achieve new found strength, flexibility and confidence. Classes are always varied and regularly tailored to suit individual circumstances. Each class is different from the last and aims to work your entire body leaving no muscle group overworked or undertrained. We are proud to work alongside such incredible practitioners at The Boxgrove, enabling us to accommodate rehabilitation and injury’.

To book onto one of our Chichester Pilates classes, or for more information, call us today on 01243 696 630 or email reception@theboxgrove.com.