You may have walked into The Boxgrove recently and wondered what the torture racks in our studio are & whether, in fact, you have stumbled into a scene from 50 shades. Not at all… as much as we would all love a cameo alongside Dorian Gray, we have in fact ungraded our studio with a number of impressive Pilates Reformer machines and accessories, the benefits of which are multiple.

Here, Trish Skinner, one of our Physiotherapists at The Boxgrove, gives you ten good reasons as to why you should give Reformer Pilates a go and sign on to the ever-growing list of celebrities and locals who swear by this discipline.

You’ll become long and lean

The controlled and full range of movements that working on a Reformer allows, helps to create the long and lean body that you dream of. Elle Macpherson step aside.


The deep stretches used in Reformer Pilates will increase your flexibility and furthermore allow you to move more freely and easily. Think elastic band super power.

Improves coordination

Working on Pilates Reformers will help to improve your balance and co-ordination, this in turn helps to boost your focus, concentration and core skills awareness.

Core control

Unlike many other forms of exercise, Reformer Pilates trains you to focus on controlling specific areas of your body. Your core is your natural stabiliser which is worked all the time on a Reformer but specific areas may also be focused upon, therefore strengthening the body as a whole.

Boost your performance in other sports

Want to run faster, be stronger and be able stretch? By improving core strength, flexibility & balance on a Pilates Reformer, you will gain that extra edge in sport. Many sportsmen regularly  use a Reformer for strength and training but they also use them for stretching out and rehabilitation after injury.

Helps you recover from injury

By doing Reformer Pilates regularly you are far less likely to suffer an injury but for those recovering from injuries, Pilates Reformers can play an essential role in returning you back to good health or peak fitness.

Helps you recover from surgery

Many of us will have surgery at some stage in our lives and a Pilates Reformer can play a huge role in the success of our rehabilitation. At The Boxgrove we work very closely with consultants in providing rehabilitation using the Pilates Reformers. Our Physiotherapists advise you through a pre-surgery strengthening programme and rehabilitate you immediately after surgery in our studio with the aim of returning you back to good health and exercise.

Improve your posture

Using a Pilates Reformer significantly helps to improve your posture by ironing out any weak areas in your body by improving both your core strength and specific areas of weakness. Ultimately you will stand straighter, leaner and potentially meaner.

It’s low impact

A Pilates Reformer workout is low impact (do not confuse this with easy or ineffective), so it is easier on your body and your joints…. perfect if you battle with any injury-related niggles.

It is great fun

 So much exercise is painful and boring. Being on a Reformer gives you a sense of freedom and fun. Whether lying on the carriage, pulling ropes or swinging off the trapeze (good fun, no?!)… everyone leaves the studio smiling.

To enquire about the Pilates Reformer classes we offer, or 1:1/2:1 tuition with one of our Physiotherapists call us on 01243 696630.