Initial Consultation £175. Metabolic Balance £850

Nutritional therapy will be carried out in a scientific manner through DNA testing and analysis. Each patient will be looked at as a whole to work through diet and exercise that is most suited to their genetic make up.

Dominique Ludwig

Nutritionist MSc Diploma Nutritional Therapy mBANT CNHC.

Dominique has a passion for healthy eating and nutrition that spans over 25 years and believes that good nutrition lies at the heart of good health. She does not believe in fads or diet foods, instead in using real food. Her intention is to show you the links between your symptoms and the foods you eat.

Dominique offers Nutritional Therapy Consultations which are bespoke to the individual. She is a coach for the well-renowned Metabolic Balance® Health and Weight management Programme and offers genetic testing for overall health, weight management and optimum sports nutrition.